Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fish Market

Konnichi wa Lincoln School family! At 4:15 this morning I crawled out of my very comfortable bed at the Hotel New Otani, quickly dressed, and joined a group of some of my new teacher friends for an EARLY morning Tokyo adventure before the start of our scheduled activities. Four teachers piled into a taxi cab and headed for the fish market. Our driver only spoke Japanese so I was glad that I had learned the Japanese word for fish, sakana.

When we arrived we first explored the VERY busy market. The market is not designed for tourists (visitors). You enter at your own risk and you need to be very careful. It was important to be aware of your surrounding. As my pictures show, carts were speeding by while fish were being sliced with sharp knives. The workers do not look out for you. As visitors, we knew that we were in the way of them doing their jobs and we tried to be as careful as possible so that they could work!

Finally, we entered the area of the tuna actions. Hundreds of large frozen tuna were lined up waiting to be auctioned off. The bidders (the people interested in buying the tuna) walked around and examined (looked at) the tuna. They used a special hooked tool to look inside the meat. Sometimes they would slice off a piece of the fish as well so that they could see the inside of the tuna. When the action began it was very loud and difficult for us to follow because it was all in Japanese. We were told by another person at the market that one large tuna can sell for as much as $100,000! When I learned this I understood why the bidders were looking so carefully at the fish. The fish market was definitely an experience I will not forget.

When I returned to The Hotel New Otani I was quite hungry so I headed straight for breakfast on the 40th floor, which is the top floor of the hotel and has a panoramic view of Tokyo. When I arrived I received my second treat of the day. It was an unusally clear day and the visibility (not a lot of smog/pollution) was great. I could see Mount Fuji! Wow!


Anonymous said...

hi this is alyssa from mrs.dunnes class ihope you are having lots of fun and do the kids there have to take off there shoes before they go in side the school.write back dont worry i am wating

Anonymous said...

hi this is alyssa do the kids there have to take off there shoes before they go inside the school answer back i hope you are having fun

Anonymous said...

hi this is alyssa do the kids there have to take off there shoes before they enter the school write back

Miss Vecchione said...

Yes, the students do take off their shoes before they enter the school building or even their own home. They wear special inside shoes or slippers inside.