Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Diet, Asakusa, Kyogen

Konnichi wa boys and girls. My second day in Japan was so very busy. After a short meeting, we were back on the bus for a tour of Tokyo as we made our way to The Diet Building, which is like our Capital Building in Washington, D.C. While we waited for our turn to enter, there were groups of Japanese elementary school students on a field trip who passed by. When they saw us they smiled, waved, and gave us the peace sign (something Japanese people sometimes seem to do when they know Americans are taking their picture). We felt like movie stars! I can’t wait until we get to visit the Japanese schools!

Next, we ate lunch in a traditional Japanese restaurant. We took off our shoes and sat on tatami (tightly woven) straw mats to eat a tempura (deep fried vegetable or meat/seafood) meal. We also had rice, soup, green salad, and Clementine’s.

Then, we had only one hour to explore Asukusa, an area filled with many shops. These stores sold many traditional Japanese items like fans, hand made paper, umbrellas, dolls, swords, and kimonos.

When we returned to The Hotel New Otani we attended a special type of comedic (funny) play called kyogen. It was so humorous! I am certain that you would really enjoy it so I purchased a video of it to bring home and share with you. One of the two actors also discussed the other major types of Japanese theater, including masks that would have been used.



Barry Bachenheimer said...

Hi Ms. Vecchione! It is Mr. Bachenheimer. I'm glad your trip is off to a good start. There was a nice article about you in the Progress today! I have a question about breakfast. Unlike Americans, who usually have cereal, a bagel, or eggs for breakfast, I heard the in Japan, breakfast is a little different. Could you describe it?

Miss Vecchione said...

Hi, Mr. Bachenheimer. Your question actually is such a popular one I have decided to make it the topic of an upcoming blog. Thanks for asking it. Please check back soon for more updates on food. This seems to be a very popular area of interest for many people!

dlilli said...

Ms. Vecchione,

I think it is quite amazing that the students brush their teeth at school. What a wonderful idea!
You seem like you're having the time of your life. I can't wait to hear more about your adventure.
Diane Lilli